My work portrays the intersection of nature and culture through representation. Panorama photographs captured through the window of a moving car are the source images for my current series. The landscape moves past the car window faster than the camera is able to snap photos to seamlessly overlap and blend, subtracting slices of visible information and adding glitches. Representing this imagery through the hand-drawn mezzotint printmaking process adds another layer of removal from the original experience, adding and subtracting information, and combining the instantaneous digital photographic imagery with the slow, analog process of mezzotint.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I currently live in Los Angeles where I am an Associate Professor of Art, Printmaking Area Coordinator and Visual Arts Graduate Coordinator at California State University, Northridge. I received my MFA in printmaking from Indiana University, Bloomington, and BFA in fine art from the Columbus College of Art & Design. From 2013–2015 I served as president of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society. Curatorial projects include Edge of Life: Forest Pathology Art, a collaborative, invitational, art and forestry exhibit and accompanying catalog.